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Don't Let Your New Jeans πŸ‘– Fade.... These Are The Right Things To Do While Washing

    Finding comfortable, high quality jeans can be a lot more challenging than it should be. So when you find that fabulous pair you love so much, you'll want to do anything you can to care for them property.
   News Room spoke with a cleaning expert who told us how we're washing our denim wrong and how we should be caring for them to ensure that they stay clean and vibrant through years of wear.
You are wearing them right after cutting the tags off:  Getting a fresh new pair of jeans is exciting and we can't blame you for wanting to wear them immediately after bringing them home. However, Silas Akpan, who is a cleaning expert told News Room that this is the worst mistake people make with Denim in general. "Not washing a brand new Denim separately the first few times you wash it" is a No-No-No, according to Silas. He said that new Denim can bleed alot of dye into the wash water the first few times it is washed which can cause dye to transfer to the other items in the wash.
  Washing a new Denim item alone helps five you an idea of just how much of a problem with color loss there is and how soon you can safely sort the Denim items into a load with like colors".

   You're not washing them after the first wear: You should definitely be washing them before the first wear, but you should also wash them after your first wear, too, because there is still a risk for dye transfer Silas told News Room.

   Not washing new Denim before you wear them risks color rubbing off the Denim into something else you are wearing that touches the Denim, and even the upholstery in your car... these can be made worse if the fabric gets wet while you are wearing it.
You are not washing them separately from other clothes in those first few washes. Few of us are likely to separate our denim from other garments. But in those early days, this is a mistake.

   Your washing them after each wear: Washing Denim too frequently will cause color fade and much of that is based on personal preference. As Silas told News room, "washing denim garments each time you wear them will help get a nice, soft fade sooner or later, especially if you have a favorite pair you wear frequently. Tumble drying will help with fading too".

 He recommended " Letting your white Denim be your guide - white Denim jeans/capris keep no secrets the way indigo Denims does. Depending on one's wearing habits and environment, they they may be too dirty to wear again after just wearing them once. Or maybe they can make it for a few more wears before washing. It really varies depending on individual habits of each person.

You Never Wash Your Jeans: as Denim is typically sturdy and forgiving of common stains, some people admittedly never wash their jeans πŸ‘–. This is fine but you may experience color loss as the jean gets soiled by normal wear and tear. "For the people who never wash their Denim, their goal is to maintain as much as the original color as possible, yet also achieve unique fading effects.  When dirt is allowed to remain on the surface of fabric without being washed away, it causes fading. That's because the soils break down and as they do, they can cause color loss" he said.

You are not treating stains the right way: The best cause of action to tackling a stain is to pre-treat and wash as quickly as possible ideally , before the stain sets. "Different stains benefit from different pre-treatment methods" said Silas. Some stains benefit from first rinsing with cool water like blood whilst others do not like greasy food stains. Stains can be harder to get out when washing in cool water, so pre-treating is always a good idea.

You are not using the right detergent products when laundering: Although Denim may be sturdier than other garments, you'll still want to proceed with caution when it comes to product use. Silas told News room that, "Since Denim is typically recommends cold wash temperatures to help maintain the color, washing with detergent alone is a big mistake. Getting your Denim as clean as possible actually helps maintain the Color because soil that isn't washed away breaks down on the fabric and actually causes color loss".
    Be sure to use a color safe bleach if you prefer to add bleach to your detergent as well.

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