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8 Of The Most Brutal Torture/Execution Methods In History That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

History is filled with famous inventions that we still use today in some capacity. Thankfully, some of history’s most barbaric inventions have fallen by the wayside and can only be found at museums specializing in the macabre. Different forms of torture and executions are an unfortunate reality of every culture’s bloody past. Here are some of the most brutal torture and execution methods that will leave you grateful for living in the 21st century. WARNING: This article is not for the faint of heart.
1. Scaphism It’s quite a surprise the first torture/execution method up on this list wasn’t featured in either of the 300 movies. Documented by Greek historians, scaphism — from the Greek word skΓ‘phe, meaning “anything scooped or hollowed out — was used by Persians to apply as much torture while prolonging the victim’s eventual death. Enemies were bound to the inside of two rowing boats that covered everything save for their head, hands, and feet. After consuming a large amount of milk and…

Man Punishes Rat For Chewing His Phone Charger

A man punished a rat for Chewing his phone charger
    In a video that went viral, a man from India strung up a rat to a plastic rubber bottle, exposing his belly out for the beatings he administered on it.
    The man kept on beating the rat while asking why he chewed his cord. πŸ”Œ
    The man also showed the severed cord of his charger to the mouse and said;

"Why did you bite this causing me a loss of eighty rupees (one pound). Will your father or mother  pay me for loss now"?

     Indian animal rights activist are outraged after the video emerged earlier this month and have urged officials to trace the man and arrest him for cruelty against animals.
     Noted, Animal Rights Activist Subhendu Mallik  said: "While killing a mouse is not illegal, this kind of torture is unwarranted.  This  is a crime under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Act 1960 and officials should act".

    Let us know what you think in the comment box below πŸ‘‡

Problems Of Being A Fine Boy

Although having a handsome face has it's own perks, there are some things you experience in life that make you wish you can just become ugly.

Here are some if not the worst of them...

1) First of all, the life of a Fine  Boy is a sad and lonely one: It's harder for you to find love than the average regular looking guy. Don't get me wrong, you'll have lots of female friends. But that's all they are - "Friends". 
Fine boys are friend zoned more than any other human being on the surface of the earth.
   You'll be sitting there single, sad and lonely with your fineboyness looking at all those ugly guys happily in relationships and wonder why life is so unfair πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.

2) Women generally don't take you serious:
No matter how Romantic you try to be or how sincere your feelings towards them are, they always assume you're joking with them or trying to toil with their feelings.

3) You are a playboy: Don't even try to fight it πŸ‘Š,  "All fine boy…

Don't Let Your New Jeans πŸ‘– Fade.... These Are The Right Things To Do While Washing

Finding comfortable, high quality jeans can be a lot more challenging than it should be. So when you find that fabulous pair you love so much, you'll want to do anything you can to care for them property.
News Room spoke with a cleaning expert who told us how we're washing our denim wrong and how we should be caring for them to ensure that they stay clean and vibrant through years of wear.

You are wearing them right after cutting the tags off:  Getting a fresh new pair of jeans is exciting and we can't blame you for wanting to wear them immediately after bringing them home. However, Silas Akpan, who is a cleaning expert told News Room that this is the worst mistake people make with Denim in general. "Not washing a brand new Denim separately the first few times you wash it" is a No-No-No, according to Silas. He said that new Denim can bleed alot of dye into the wash water the first few times it is washed which can cause dye to transfer to the other items in the…

Are Your Teeth Changing Colour? Here's Why

Once upon a time, you had smile that could easily be used for a toothpaste commercial. And then suddenly your teeth went from spotless white to irritating yellow.
How did it happen?
   You brush your teeth everyday so it's hard to understand why they're turning yellow. It could just be that you're doing some things which are staining your teeth
and causing the discoloration.
Here are some of the popular causes of yellow teeth below, you might be surprised at how many you are guilty of.

Tobacco use: Smoking or chewing tobacco especially for a long time can cause the teeth to turn yellow.

Poor Dental Hygiene: Irregular brushing and flushing can cause teeth discoloration. And if you didn't already know, you're supposed to brush your teeth twice a day. Also rinsing your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash will prevent plague, bacteria and stain-producing substances. So, it should be part of your daily oral Hygiene regimen. This will reduce the chances of your teeth tu…

Breaking!!! Buhari Steps Down From Presidential Race

Ahmed Buhari , the presidential candidate of the Sustainable Development Party (SDP) has pulled out of the presidential race days to the Election.
    Ahmed has now switched to the ruling All Progressives Congress to back President Muhammadu Buhari for the president seat again.
According to Concise News, Ahmed joined APC last week and on Wednesday he was on Channels TV Sunrise Daily.
According to him, he stepped down from the race as Buhari is the right man for the job.
He noted that the Buhari government has also made some gains in the last four years it came on board in the country.
In addition, he accused Nigerian youths of not backing a young person for the presidency.
This is as he rued his lack of resources to compete with the APC and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Ahmed was once a member of the main opposition PDP but left for the SDP to fulfill his dream of becoming the country’s leader. 
President Buhari and Atiku Abubakar of the APC are the main contenders for the president…

Official!!! Jose Mourinho Gets His Former Job Back

Former Manchester united manager Jose Mourinho is to get his own show on Russian State Television Channel RT, the station said on monday.

    The fortnightly program titled "On the touchline with Jose Mourinho" will provide coverage of the UEFA Champions League from march 7 with the 56-year old Portuguese analyzing the matches.
    "Am going to talk about football on RT. What else did you think I was going to do?" Mourinho says in a promotional video filmed at an ice hocky rink posted on Tweeter by RT Sports.

    Mourinho also appeared at an ice hockey rink in Moscow's suburbs this month,  slipping on the ice and taking a nasty tumble while performing a ceremonial puck drop.

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    The former Porto, Chelsea and Real Madrid manager, who was sacked by Manchester United in December, worked as a pundit for RT during last year's World Cup.

    RT, which broadcasts…

Wall Street Finally Taught Zuckerberg The Lesson He Deserved

This week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally got the whack across the nose that many had hoped Congress would give him back in April.
     The social-media giant’s stock price took a spectacular nose dive Thursday after the company forecast a slowdown in the rate of new user sign-ups. Analysts reckon Facebook’s limp response to the European Union’s recently enacted digital privacy laws also soured investors on its near-term financial future.
     While Zuckerberg spent the first half of 2018 listening to but not really hearing complaints about how Facebook mishandles user data, it’s a good bet he’s listening now. All told, Thursday’s trading vaporized $119 billion of the Menlo Park, Calif., company’s market value. That’s roughly the equivalent of the gross domestic product of Kuwait.
     Public patience with Zuckerberg’s often unconvincing — and at times duplicitous — statements about the heroic lengths Facebook goes to protect user data appears to have come to an end. A rolli…

Passengers Share The Most Disgusting Things They've Seen On Flights πŸ›©

Everyone who has flown knows that planes are cramped spaces where strangers are often forced to up close and personal with fellow passengers.
    But for some unfortunate travelers, they sometimes get more than what the they've bargained for.
    Among the offenders include grubby feet, people stripping off and some serious invasion of space.
  The most frequent offender is the passenger who put their feet up in the communal spaces. Or a bit too close for comfort to their neighbors.

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    It's made even worse when they're not wearing socks, especially when the feet are filthy.
However some go as far as taking off their clothes and even airing their laundry in Public
    These set of images show flyers just don't seem to care about etiquette when they're in the air.

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