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Juventus Star Christiano Ronaldo Mourns As He Gets Saddest 🙁 News Of 2019

The convicted drug trafficker, father of Christiano Ronaldo's girlfriend has reportedly died in his native Argentina after a long battle against Illness. The footballer star's partner , Georgina Rodriguez posted a birthday photo on her Instagram earlier this week from Buenos Aires and wrote "Coincidences of life. I land in the country I was born in at same time and the day of my birth 25 years ago".

    She gave no hint of the reason for her trip, thought to be her first to Argentina  since her dad was kicked out of Spain in 2013 and banned from returning after doing 10 years jail for two drug trafficking offences. Celeb Spanish Magazine "Hola" has reported on it's website the pretty brunette had flown to Buenos Aires following the death of Jorge Eduardo Rodriguez Gorjon at age of 70.
    He was said to have suffered from complications related to a stroke he had two and half years ago. No one from Christiano Ronaldo's agency, Gestifute, was avai…